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The Premier Book on
Financial Intimacy


Financial Intimacy in Marriage

Why Women Need Financial Intimacy

Going into marriage, it’s all about love. If marriage ends, it’s all about money.

Financial intimacy is as important as sexual and emotional intimacy. When you marry, you become part of a legal and financial unit. If your husband handles the finances - and you don’t understand what he’s doing or participate with him  - you are at great financial risk if your marriage ends.

That’s why financial intimacy is vital for your peace of mind. It’s not about trusting your husband. It’s about participating in the financial part of your married life. Don’t leave it all up to your husband.

Financial intimacy is not about trust.
It's about the relationship of two adults who choose to commit  their lives to each other. The articles and resources in the sections below will help you begin your journey into financial intimacy for your marriage. Or buy the book and take advantage of the lists and resources in it.

Remember, you deserve financial intimacy in your marriage. Make it happen for your peace of mind.