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Financial Planners & Professionals

Helga Hayse Helps You Protect Your Clients

Helga is a dynamic, powerful and entertaining speaker. Women resonate with her honest disclosure of her personal experience of being widowed unexpectedly but prepared emotionally and financially to rebuild her life.
Helga's topics include:

A Wife’s Guide to Financial Intimacy: All About Your Husband’s Money
Financial Intimacy: A Woman’s Guide to Financial Clarity
Financial Intimacy: Good for your Health, Great for Your Wealth

Helga has been a speaker for:

Norcal Financial Planners Conference, 2009
King Wealth Planning
Family Wealth Consulting Group
Deposition Reporters Association
Coldwell Banker
Opes Financial Advisors
American Society on Aging
Marin Financial Advisors
New York Life
Merrill Lynch

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Helga provided the inspiration for many of our clients to open meaningful dialogue into their financial planning issues and desires. I call it “getting to the heart of the issues.”

Paul S. King, CFP, President
King Wealth Planning, Inc.

“Helga provided our clients specific questions and ways for families to begin the conversations that lead to peace and understanding in relationships, bringing generations closer through clearing up long held misunderstandings. Helga’s conversations with our clients add an invaluable complement to our services. Making the effort to have the tough conversations now allows for people to experience grace and certainty in life’s most difficult times.”

Craig Martin, Principal,
Family Wealth Consulting Group (FWCG)

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