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The ‘Soft Side’ of Financial and Estate Planning

As the population ages, boomers and their parents will be facing many unresolved relationship issues. Both generations avoid talking about uncomfortable subjects like money, death and end of life issues. They need help in initiating these crucial conversations with the people they love before it’s too late.

Legacy Deals with Emotion

Financial and legal professionals deal with law, logic and numbers. Planning for legacy is about emotions. Helga Hayse creates the emotional urgency needed to start these crucial conversations. Your work will be easier, more satisfying and comprehensive when clients are receptive to your suggestions.

She teaches family members how to talk productively about touchy subjects like money, death and regrets. Her presentation includes:

How she survived sudden widowhood through planning

How longevity and finances impact each other

Why money and death are hot button subjects

How to raise dfficult issues respectfully

Why crucial conversations matter


Her emotional and urgent message is:

Consult your legal and financial professional today.

Schedule Helga for a presentation on the legal and financial matters that you or your organization should know.

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