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Why People Need "Conversations from the Heart"

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” John Lennon

People respond to emotions, not logic. They need an emotional push to move them from good intentions to action. They want to take care of the people they love, but procrastinate and often live in denial about their mortality and vulnerability. Their delay in estate planning puts their loved ones and survivors at risk.

Financial and legal professionals are not trained and are not comfortable speaking to their clients about the emotional aspects of legacy. That means they currently reach only a fraction of the population who should be consulting with them about estate and financial planning.

I create the emotional urgency needed to start the crucial conversations between boomers and their parents about legacy, inheritance and end of life issues. In my presentation series called “Conversations from the Heart”, I share my personal story of being ” widowed without warning, but financially and emotionally prepared. I teach people how to move from good intentions to taking the steps needed for estate and legacy planning.

My message is: The only thing we can control is to plan for the things we can’t control. See your legal and financial professional today!

Presentation topics include:

Conversations from the Heart: Financial Intimacy across Generations

Financial Intimacy: Good for Your health, Great for Your Wealth

A Couple's Guide to Financial Intimacy

Financial Intimacy: Why Women Need It and How to Get It


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